War & Peace

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Artist : Various
Title : War and Peace
Medium : Iron, jute cloth, terracotta, paint
Size : Length - 12" Width - 6" Height - 8"
Year : 2014


We believe that a gift should be an expression of your creativity and individuality.
"War & Peace" is the first of our 'out of the gift box' ideas - offered to those who enjoy giving.
Heavy, once-used grenade boxes with strong hinges have been used along with their markings, dents and chipped paint, as a symbol of war, violence and destruction. Nestled in the jute-lined interiors is a pure white clay pigeon - a symbol of peace, purity and healing.
War & Peace is a unique gift in itself. On request, we can hand-paint a slogan of peace or a small personal message on the body of the bird at no extra cost.