Vignesvara - 1 by Sambhu Saha

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Artist : Sambhu Saha
Title : Vignesvara-1
Medium : Oil on canvas
Size : 10” x 10”
Year : 2013


A BFA from Indian Art College (1993-1998), Sambhu excelled in the use of media – oil, acrylic, water-colour, wood – but decided early in life to devote his life to the field of pure painting. He works primarily with oils on canvas, using small but visible strokes of the palette-knife. The subject matter might be ordinary, but the depiction of light, the unusual angles, the myriad hues coming together as one goes further from the piece, are all reminiscent of the French Impressionist style. Sambhu Saha’s landscapes and deities are truly collector’s items.

In this small painting, Sambhu depicts Lord Ganesha or Vignesvara, "remover of obstacles" as a powerful deity emitting light and luminescence.

This small oil on canvas is a wonderful example of Sambhu Saha's mastery over his medium, his use of tiny strokes to convey the effect of light and purity.