Two-piece table lamp with flower holder by artisan Tapan Paul

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Artist : Artisan : Tapan Paul
Title : Two-piece table lamp with flower-holder
Medium : Terracotta
Size : 8” height
Year : 2013


Terracotta Art is an initiative by Tejas Gallery, where objects of beauty and utility are visualised by an artist and given shape and form by terracotta artisans.
Our collection includes animal figures inspired by folk tales, exquisite hand-cut filigree lamps, large garden pots, bead curtains, oil burners, incense holders, tiles, bet-work earthenware and more.

This is a two-piece candle-stand with a base for holding flowers and a cut-work chimney. It can be used with a tea-light as a centre piece for a small table.

This is an exclusive Tejas Gallery design.