Terracotta Filigree lamp(2-piece) by Tapan Paul and others

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Artist : Artisan : Tapan Paul
Title : Filigree Lamp
Medium : Terracotta
Size : 10” ht 6 " width
Year : 2013


Terracotta Art is an initiative by Tejas Gallery, where the concept is visualised by the artist and the artisan becomes the actual creator.  We have animal figures inspired by folk and fairy-tales, which, in the hands of the local potter, take on a life of their own and become an eclectic mix of international art and local craft.  These exquisite filigree-work lamps have been cut painstakingly by hand, using a small blade – an extremely difficult task even for experienced potters. These work beautifully as centrepieces for small tables, and can be used with a real candle or an electric candle.  These one-off pieces are done exclusively for Tejas Gallery, and come in different designs, shapes and sizes.