My Own Muse - Frida Kahlo inspired painting by Vitesh Naik

My Own Muse - Frida Kahlo inspired painting by Vitesh Naik

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Artist      :    Vitesh Naik
Title        :    My Own Muse (Frida Kahlo inspired)
Medium :     Mixed media on paper
Size        :     15.5" x  21.5"

Year        :      2018


This beautiful Frida Kahlo inspired artwork was created for the show "My Own Muse", 

The award-winning artist Vitesh Naik believes that the spirit of Frida Kahlo permeates his beautiful hometown, Goa. This painting is an ode to her life. A young, beautiful, unhurt Frida stands in a pose, ready to take on the worrld. She is timeless; a visionary, born way ahead of her time.

Like a Goan girl, she wears a bright floral dress, while her tresses fall loose and free.   Naik sees her as a daughter of his land, hopeful, happy, with stars in her eyes.

Behind her are symbols of her childhood, her strength, her beliefs, her culture.  Since Naik portrays her as a girl from Goa, the symbol of Portugal , a cock, is seen behind her along with the gods of her Hindu heritage, Ganesh and Hanuman. She derives her strength through all her tribulations from her happy childhood memories.

Frida Kahlo is everywoman. She is every woman who has faced difficulties and tragedies and yet emerged strong and clean of heart.