Minha Visita (My Visit) by Vitesh Naik

Minha Visita (My Visit) by Vitesh Naik

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 Title      :  MINHA VISITA  “My Visit”

Artist     :  Vitesh Naik

Medium:  Mixed media on paper

Size       :  22" x 30"

Year      :  2021

 In this work, inspired by Frida Kahlo,  Vitesh Naik taps into the genre of magic realism, so pervasive in Kahlo’s paintings, to create this engaging work of her imaginary visit to Goa.

Frida Kahlo comes to the land of fun and freedom, and proceeds to do whatever she wants. The feisty young woman joins a debauched group of gamblers, but manages to hold her own. Cigarette and wine-glass in hand, she is composed, and determined to win her hand.

Her fellow-players care not if they win or lose, they are mesmerised by her. Right behind her stands the artist Diego Rivera, her lifelong companion. Frida Kahlo remained the love of his life, despite their turbulent relationship.

As Kahlo drinks and smiles her sorrows away, she wins all hearts in the colourful land of Goa.

Vitesh Naik believes she could charm an entire world.