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All items in this category owe their existence to inspiration from the life and work of the iconic Mexican artist “Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon”.

She lived life with passion, despite unbelievable physical and emotional pain and upheavals. She believed in love, in culture, in nature, in her ideology. She lived her reality and was her own muse.

These items, be they jewellery, stationery, ceramics or home decor items, all represents female 'shakti' or strength.  Meant for the strong woman who overcomes barriers of culture, time and society with her unique personality.

Be a part of the Frida Kahlo legacy everytime you use one of our pieces!

Viva la Frida 

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  • "Kali-Kahlo" - Frida Kahlo 3D head by Bhaskar Chitrakar.
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